Division of Criminal Justice Services

County Juvenile Justice Profiles

The County Juvenile Justice Profiles present county-level data on juvenile justice case processing activities for seven processing stages:  arrest, detention, probation intake, family court – initial actions, family court – post-disposition (supplemental) actions, probation supervision and placement for a five-year period.  Disproportionate Minority Contact (DMC) statistics are reported for arrest [Relative Rate Index (RRI)] and detention (Disparity Rates).  Sources include the New York State (NYS) Office of Court Administration, NYS Office of Children and Family Services, NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services, New York City (NYC) Administration for Children’s Services, and NYC Police Department.  Additional detail on the data presented in the County Juvenile Justice Profiles is available in the links below. 

Data Definitions and Technical Notes

Note: County Name links to Adobe PDF version of table. Excel (.xlsx) version is also available. Graphs display the number and percent distribution for selected indicators.

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