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Criminal Justice Statistics


Statutorily required annual reports and other reports are available on the Publications page. If you are interested in information about the State prison and community supervision populations, research reports are available here https://doccs.ny.gov/research-and-reports.

The date in parenthesis indicates the date of the report, or the last time the feature was updated.

Crime and Victimization



  • Dispositions of Adult Arrests by County and Region (5/2020)
    Dispositions of adult arrests for those age 18 and older for felony and misdemeanor offenses over the last five years. Includes statewide, region or individual county summaries. (See Also NYS Criminal Justice Case Processing Report, Arrest through Disposition on the Publications Page)

Criminal Justice Population Demographics

Youth Justice Data

New York State youth justice data are compiled by a variety of state and local agencies that share data with DCJS. DCJS compiles and analyzes this data to produce a statewide picture of youth justice trends.


  • Jail Population Report (Annual) (2/2021)
    Census data for local jails for the past 10 years. Annual counts show the average of all daily counts reported for that year.

    Historical jail population data can be found on New York’s Open Data Portal

  • Law Enforcement Personnel (5/2020) (Excel)
    Law enforcement employees on each agency's payroll as of October 31. It excludes employees assigned to jail duties.

    Historical law enforcement employee data back to 2007 can be found on New York’s Open Data Portal

  • Number of Individuals with Criminal Convictions Sealed (Under a provision of the state's Raise the Age law, effective Oct. 7, 2017) (03/2021)
    New York State Criminal Procedure Law (Section 160.59) allows individuals who have remained crime-free for 10 years to request that certain New York State convictions be sealed. These statistics, which will be updated annually, detail the number of individuals who successfully petitioned a court to have a case(s) sealed, by year and county in which the seal was granted. The law allows eligible individuals to petition the court to seal up to two misdemeanor convictions; one misdemeanor and one felony conviction; or one felony conviction.

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  • Recidivism for Individuals Sentenced to Probation
    Provides recidivism outcomes for persons sentenced to probation. Data are presented for each of the state’s 62 counties, New York State and its two regions: New York City (five boroughs) and the Rest of State (57 counties).

Monthly/Quarterly Reports

Questions about the above and other statistical data may be submitted to: dcjsstats@dcjs.ny.gov.
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