Division of Criminal Justice Services

UCR Reference Materials

The NYS Supplement to the FBI UCR Handbook (June 2013) (28 pages, 151 KB) is a supplement to the FBI’s UCR Handbook. It provides reporting agencies with the definitions and procedures for accurately reporting crime within New York State, and provides guidance on how to correctly classify crime. This manual includes the UCR Cross-Reference Table.

The DCJS Law Section Reference Table (September 2023) (61 pages, 301 KB) identifies all New York State statutes required for Uniform Crime Reporting.

The UCR Cross-Reference Table (September 2023) (70 pages, 272 KB) is a quick-reference of New York State laws by UCR classification. The listing follows the Uniform Crime Reporting classification hierarchy. Adjacent to each UCR Classification are the corresponding New York State Law Codes.

FBI UCR Summary Manual (179 pages, 1 MB) This link takes you to the central reference for the FBI national crime reporting program. It provides reporting agencies with the definitions, processes and procedures for accurately reporting crime for comparison on the national level. The NYS supplement should be used in conjunction with this handbook.

Crime Reporting Data Submission Timeline (5 Pages, 64 KB) This calendar provides an overview of the data quality activities DCJS conducts organized by when they occur.  Each month is an outline with what agencies can expect to receive from DCJS if follow-up is needed, and tools that agencies can access to help correct any issues that are identified.