Division of Criminal Justice Services

IBR Reporting Alerts

Data submitted to the NYSIBR program are widely distributed and used by other organization for the purpose of research, funding decisions and publications. Periodic review of these data and correspondence with submitting agencies assist crime reporting staff in identify common errors that may or may not be captured through monthly transaction processing.

When a reporting error is identified, the Crime Reporting Unit issues a Reporting Alert to all participating IBR agencies. These alerts are meant to describe the error, the result of the error on data quality and provide a corrective plan for the agencies to implement.

The following is a list of published reporting alerts that have been sent to participating IBR agencies. If you have questions regarding a specific alert please contact NYSIBR staff at infonysibr@dcjs.ny.gov or by calling DCJS toll free at 1-800-262-3257.

Reporting Alerts