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Available Funding Opportunities

The 2016-17 Police Protective Equipment Program (PPEP) RFA is now available. The deadline for applications is 12:00pm (Noon), Thursday, November 17, 2016.

The questions received regarding the Police Protective Equipment Program through October 14, 2016, along with their accompanying answers, are now available here.


Police Protective Equipment Program (PPEP) Request for Applications (RFA) Clarification

This statement serves to clarify the following provision from section IV. Eligible Equipment located on page 4 of the PPEP RFA:

“DCJS approved patrol rifle” is defined as a M4A1 carbine, AR-15 rifle, Ruger Mini-14 rifle, MP5, or other firearm with similar capabilities as determined by DCJS.”

Please note that approval for “other firearm with similar capabilities as determined by DCJS” will be made at the award stage, following the RFA evaluation process. Applicants proposing the purchase of alternate patrol rifles as eligible equipment should include the specifications, i.e. model, quantity, costs, and justification directly into the Budget module “tab” of the GMS application. In addition, applicants must also include an alternative proposal for DCJS approved patrol rifles, which has already been identified in the RFA definition or the PPEP questions and answers document as eligible, in the event the alternate rifles are not approved by DCJS. See the example below:



Unit Cost

Total Cost

Grant Funds

Matching Funds


Quadrail Rifle (If the Quadrail Rifle is not a suitable equivalent as determined by DCJS, the City of Sample would like to purchase 100 AR-15 rifles at $50 each totaling $5,000.)






Justification: The City of Sample will utilize patrol rifles as a part of a coordinated countywide effort to respond to significant criminal events. The Quadrail rifle is requested because it has similar capabilities to the AR-15 rifle, but utilizes the same ammunition that officers currently use in their service patrol pistols, making for a quick interchange during critical incidents when a rifle must be utilized.







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The DCJS Office of Program Development and Funding (OPDF) is integral in supporting the criminal justice community. OPDF:

  • targets funding at specific criminal justice policy issues or geographical locations within New York State to implement federal, gubernatorial or legislative initiatives
  • develops policy for new programs to be supported by state and federal funds
  • administers applications and requests-for-proposals (RFPs) for State and Federal grant funding
  • develops program guidelines to assist grantees in formulating their grant projects in a manner consistent with enabling legislation and regulations
  • provides technical assistance to counties and localities to access funding and/or implement programs
  • monitors and evaluates grant projects to ensure that grantees implement programs consistent with the terms and conditions of their contracts and to determine if established performance measures are being attained
  • disseminates information on model programs to assist localities in replicating best practices, and
  • provides resources to grantees for locating, administering and applying for grant-funded programs