Division of Criminal Justice Services

Agency Administrator Quotes

The New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program enables administrators to strengthen existing procedures while simultaneously creating a solid foundation for the agency's future. The benefits of accreditation include:

  • Independent confirmation that policies comply with professional standards
  • Assurance of fair recruitment, selection and promotion processes
  • Diminished vulnerability to civil law suits and costly settlements
  • Enhanced understanding of agency policies and procedures
  • Greater administrative and operational effectiveness
  • Greater public confidence in the agency

"The New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program provides participating agencies the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to public service and accountability by establishing and maintaining the highest standards in the administration, operations, and training of its police departments. These efforts are perhaps even more today than when the program began in 1989.

One of the core principles of New York State's Accreditation Program is the promotion of the public's confidence in its police departments. This program provides an additional level of transparency that is a cornerstone of public trust. The program uses independent, experienced law professional to conduct the on-site assessments and offer feedback to police administrators. Additionally, the oversight provided by the Division of Criminal Justice Services and their ability to provide advice on best practices is an invaluable resource. At a time when the need for public trust is perhaps at its greatest, this program provides an excellent opportunity to further those efforts."
Chief Egidio Tinti, Kingston City Police Department

"The Suffolk County Police Department is very proud to have been accepted as an accredited agency by the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program. This distinction is only bestowed upon agencies that have met a most stringent set of criteria. We feel this achievement displays our commitment to providing the public with the most professional police services possible. The Suffolk County Police Department is grateful for the assistance provided by the Accreditation Council and all the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program representatives in the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services' Office of Public Safety who offer our department continuing guidance with accreditation related matters.

The accreditation process has helped our agency solidify vital internal procedures and enhanced our ability to accurately document our training efforts. By undertaking the rigorous steps required to attain accreditation status, the Suffolk County Police Department has conducted a comprehensive overview of operational procedures and made many improvements.

The accreditation program standards encompass a broad spectrum of essential operational components. These standards aid our agency's efforts to remain focused on providing an ethical, professional, highly trained, technologically advanced, and community oriented police service that adheres to approved policies and practices recognized by criminal justice professionals within the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program."
Commissioner Edward Webber, Suffolk County Police Department

"Accepting my first Police Chief position at a new department proved to be a daunting task. It was comforting to discover that the community was extremely supportive of its Police Department but I had concerns when I learned that the agency was not accredited. Equipped with a strained budget, no formal training program, failing equipment and woefully outdated written directives, I knew that significant changes were necessary. In addition to a strong support system, and a complete buy-in from department members, the New York State Law Enforcement Accreditation Program set our path. Beginning with standard 1.1 we developed a Mission Statement and allowed it to guide the process. Three short years later we are now an accredited agency; we continue to enjoy support from our community, we realize annual goals and have a clear and comprehensive written directives system. The New York State Accreditation Program highly compliments our commitment and continues to serve as a steady guide for the future."
Chief Michael J. Crowell, North Syracuse Village Police Department

"Our office is committed to providing the best possible law enforcement services to the residents of our County. In that endeavor obtaining and maintaining accredited agency status is the most valuable resource available to help us do so."
Sheriff Jeffrey J. Murphy, Washington County Sheriff's Office

"The Law Enforcement Accreditation Program is one of the most important programs NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services offers to our police agencies. This program provides the chief or sheriff the opportunity to take a hard look at each facet of the agency while providing a blueprint for change with proven best practices. With over 500 police agencies in the state, and over 18,000 in the country, there is a need for an elevated level of standardization. Accreditation fills this need while encouraging agencies to fully embrace community oriented policing concepts. There is no doubt the accreditation process has made us a better police department!"
Chief Jerry Schoenle, University at Buffalo Police Department and current President of the SUNY Police Chiefs Association

"The Troy Police Department consistently utilizes the standards set by the NYS Law Enforcement Agency Accreditation Program as an invaluable reference for crafting legally sufficient policies, thus reducing the potential of litigious actions against the department."
Chief John F. Tedesco, Troy City Police Department

"Accreditation instills a sense of professionalism… members are proud of achieving this accomplishment and wear their accreditation pins with pride. Accreditation standardizes law enforcement, and ensures agencies are following recognized standards for the betterment of their agency and the citizens they serve."
Sheriff Gary Maha, Genesee County Sheriff's Office