Division of Criminal Justice Services

SJS - Spectrum Justice System


The Spectrum Justice System Software application, commonly known as SJS, is a Records Management System designed by a team of law enforcement professionals. It is provided free of charge by the New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to New York's local law enforcement agencies. Currently over 220 law enforcement agencies use SJS.  It is an integrated, law enforcement Records Management System consisting of three Modules: Incident, Arrest, and Warrant.  

The SJS system features the following:

  • Tracking of Incident, Arrest and Warrant data
  • Livescan/Cardscan Interface
  • Incident Based Reporting (IBR)
  • New York Data Exchange Interface (NY-DEx)
  • TRACS Interface
  • SOR

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Incident Records:

  • Automated tracking of incidents linked by:
    • Suspects
    • Location
    • Property
    • Vehicles
  • Streamlined capability for agencies to submit data to the NYS Incident Based Reporting Program (NYSIBR) at DCJS
  • Ability to produce management reports under several request venues
  • Incident synopsis reporting capability available by month, day, time etc.
  • Data links to arrest and warrant modules
  • Pre-fill commonly used fields
  • Database merging capability
  • Allows user to search on Incident Report by entering Incident Number

Arrest Records:

  • Displays pedigree information for each subject, including name, address, physical characteristics.
  • Initial data entry of subject provides link to Incident and Warrant Records.
  • Collects and stores:
    • Incident data, alias data, offense data
    • Victim information, charges and weapon data
    • UTT and Appearance Ticket Information
  • Unlimited narrative with search capability
  • Livescan/Cardscan Interface
  • Ability to add local charges
  • Allows user to search for an arrest record by entering arrest number
  • Automated printing capability:
    • NYS Standardized Arrest Report
    • NYS Standardized Incident Report
    • DCJS/FBI Arrest Cards
  • Incidents/Arrests sorted by:
    • Date, location, crime

Warrant Records:

  • Screen displays pedigree information and open warrants
  • Automated tracking of NYSID and FBI numbers
  • Lists unlimited subject and associate data
  • Highlights subject warnings (i.e.):
    • Resist Arrest
    • Assaultive
    • Weapons
  • Clearly displays all charge and court information
  • Documents warrant activity and allows for tracking of due diligence
  • Automated generation of:
    • Hot Sheet
    • NYS Warrant Control Sheet
    • Active Warrants
    • Executed Warrants
    • Warrant Management Reports
    • Warrant Summary by Time Period
    • Voluntary Surrender Letter Tracking
    • Allows User to Search on a Warrant by Entering Warrant Number

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