Division of Criminal Justice Services

Store and Forward

What is Store and Forward?

Store and Forward is an electronic two-way interface between remote livescan and cardscan fingerprinting sites and the data systems at DCJS whereby fingerprint images, data, photographs, palmprints, and signatures are received electronically at DCJS before being distributed and/or stored.

How was it developed?

The development of Store and Forward has been a large scale, multi-year effort by DCJS to develop and implement an electronic interface between remote livescan and cardscan fingerprinting sites and the Division's Statewide Automated Fingerprint Identification System (SAFIS). It has required a lengthy design process, development and distribution of required technical documentation, and substantial interaction between DCJS, contributing agencies, and their associated vendors

What does it do?

Event-related and biographical data, mugshots and fingerprint images captured by cardscan or livescan systems, can be electronically transmitted to DCJS as secure e-mail. Once DCJS has completed its processing, the information can be archived ('Store') and, if appropriate, forwarded electronically to the FBI ('Forward').

What are the benefits it provides?

This interface complements the increasing use of cardscan and livescan technology by arresting agencies across New York State, improving the speed and accuracy of criminal identification, minimizing intervention in the fingerprint identification process, adding higher quality images for storage in New York's SAFIS and the FBI's automated fingerprint image database and providing for an electronic rapsheet response.

How can I use it?

For more detailed information on how an agency can utilize Store and Forward and plan for its implementation at their agency, please refer to: