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Enhance Public Safety and Improve Criminal Justice.

At DCJS, our core agency functions include criminal history checks, fingerprint operations, coordination of grant funds, providing timely information, public safety, law enforcement training, breathalyzer and speed enforcement equipment repair, accreditation of police departments and forensic laboratories, Uniform Crime Reporting, research, hosting criminal justice boards and commissions, providing information to criminal justice agencies and institutions, and hosting other criminal justice agencies. Much of our contact with the public involves the Sex Offender Registry, where anyone can check for the presence of high and medium risk sex offenders in their neighborhood (information on Level 1 or low level offenders can be obtained by calling 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257 if you have a name you would like to check. You will need the individual’s name and another identifying fact, such as date of birth). We also support Operation IMPACT, an initiative where we provide special assistance to the 17 counties upstate and on Long Island that account for nearly 80 percent of the crime outside of New York City.

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