Division of Criminal Justice Services

Police Equivalency Course

Any person, who has been appointed a police officer of any municipality of the State of New York and who has formerly been permanently appointed a police officer of the United States, or of any territory or possession thereof, or of the District of Columbia, or of any of the United States or its subdivisions, may apply to the Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) for approval to substitute satisfactory completion of a course of police training completed in satisfaction of police basic training requirements for permanent appointment as a police officer in such other jurisdiction in satisfaction of all or part of the requirements of an approved Basic Course for Police Officers imposed under section 209-q of the General Municipal Law.

OPS staff reviews and evaluates all such applications and may require the applicant to submit such additional documentation as deemed necessary. If upon review and evaluation of such application, it is determined that a program of basic police training completed by the applicant in satisfaction of basic police training requirements of another jurisdiction meets or exceeds all or part of the minimum prescribed New York State standard, DCJS may authorize such training to be substituted for those requirements of the Basic Course for Police Officers as is deemed appropriate.

A typical officer, who worked and was trained in another state, should expect to complete 264 to 535 hours of additional training (this number is dependent on the level of training previously completed).

DCJS will certify, in writing, the extent to which all or part of the mandated basic training curriculum may be waived. Within one year of appointment, the applicant must satisfactorily complete all required components at a Basic Course for Police Officers approved by the Commissioner.

To be eligible for an equivalency application, an applicant must have at least 12 months of police service in a jurisdiction outside New York State. Agencies that have appointed police officers who are eligible for the Police Equivalency Course should contact the Office of Public Safety at (518) 457-2667, for further information. The administrators guide is available on-line in the Publications and Forms section.

Individuals should contact their employing agency for further information.