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Applicant and Grantee Resources


The Grants Management System (GMS) Application Manual is now available.


The Guidance for OPDF Grantees Webinar, as well as the Guidance for OPDF Grantees Power Point Presentation are now available.


A. Contract Management Forms and Resources: Currently OPDF uses a proprietary Grants Management System (GMS) to manage contracts and the Grants Gateway.

Grants Management System (GMS) and Grants Gateway Registration:

1. GMS Registration Form

2. GMS Registration Form (Signatory)

3. Gateway Registration Site

Prequalification Links:

1. Grants Gateway: https://grantsgateway.ny.gov

2. NYS Comptroller VendRep System: www.osc.state.ny.us/state-vendors/vendrep/vendrep-system


B. Grant Budget / Amendment Forms:

1. OPDF Expenditure Based Amendment Request Form (PDF)

2. OPDF Expenditure Based Budget Reallocation Worksheet (Excel)

3. OPDF Sole Source or Single Source Exemption Request Form (PDF)

4. OPDF B‐1 Performance Milestones and Costs Worksheet (Excel)

5. Performance‐Based Grant Amendment Request Form (Excel)

6. Budget Detail Worksheet and Narrative Guide (Excel)


C. Fiscal Forms (for Payment): Forms include, but are not limited to: Claim for Payment form; Detailed Itemization Forms (DIFs); Fiscal Cost Reporting Form; Performance-Based DIFs, etc.

Effective April 1, 2022, The Office of Financial Services will only be able to accept vouchers for pyament via electronic submission. Please refer to full memo here.

1. Expenditure Based Vouchering

2. Performance Based Vouchering

3. Indigent Parolee Program

4. Soft Body Armor Program


D. Minority and Women Business Enterprise (MWBE):

1. Local Assistance MWBE 3303 Workforce Employment Utilization Report (Word)

2. DCJS-3300 Local Assistance MWBE Equal Employment Opportunity Staffing Plan (Excel)

3. DCJS-3301 Local Assistance MWBE Subcontractor-Supplier Utilization Proposal Form (Excel)

4. DCJS-3302 Local Assistance MWBE Request for Waiver Form (Word)

5. DCJS-3309 Local Assistance MWBE NPS Determination Worksheet (Excel)

6. DCJS-3310 Subcontractor Utilization Quarterly Report for Performance-Based Contracts (Word)

7. DCJS-3310 Subcontractor Utilization Quarterly Report for Performance-Based Contracts Instructions (Word)

8. DCJS-3311 Local Assistance MWBE Certification of Good Faith Efforts (Word)

9. DCJS-3312 Local Assistance MWBE Waiver Requirements Checklist (Word)

10. MWBE Guidelines and Procedures

Pursuant to New York State Executive Law Article 15-A, the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) recognizes its obligation under the law to promote opportunities for participation of certified minority and women owned business enterprises and the employment of minority group members and women in the performance of DCJS contracts. All state funded grants in excess of $25,000 are subject to MWBE requirements. Click here to visit the NYS MWBE Vendor Directory.


E. Service Disabled Veteran Owned Business (SDVOB):

1. Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Business Enterprises in Contract Performance (PDF)


F. Civil Rights:

1. Civil Rights Compliance Certification Form (PDF)

2. Civil Rights Training Certification Form (PDF)


G. Contract Components and Requirements: The following elements are standard components of DCJS contracts.


1. Debarment (Word)

2. Drug-Free Workplace (Word)

3. EEOP Requirements (Word)

4. Encouraging Use of NYS Businesses in Contract Performance (Word)

5. Federal Certified Assurances (PDF)

6. Lobbying (Word)

Appendices and Attachments

1. Master Grant Agreement and Agency-Specific Terms and Conditions (PDF)

2. Federal Award Special Condition (PDF)

3. Payment and Reporting Schedule (PDF)

4. Guidelines For The Control and Use of Confidential Funds (PDF)

5. Procedural Guidelines For The Control of Surveillance Equipment (PDF)


H. Time Distribution / Certification:

1. Certification for Employees who work 100% of their time on a single Federal grant program (Word)

2. Time Distribution form for employees who work part-time on a Federal grant program, or multiple Federal programs (Excel)


I. Ignition Interlock Program:

Please click here for information regarding the Ignition Interlock program.

J. Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy and Training Certification

Please click here for the fillable PDF of the Sexual Harrassment Prevention Policy and Training Certification.