Division of Criminal Justice Services

Executive Order No. 10
New York State Commission on Sentencing Reform

Governor Eliot Spitzer established the New York State Commission on Sentencing Reform pursuant to Executive Order No. 10 on March 5, 2007 to conduct a comprehensive review of New York’s “current sentencing structure, sentencing practices, community supervision and the use of alternatives to incarceration” in order to provide the State with “crucial guidance to ensure the imposition of appropriate and just criminal sanctions, and to make the most efficient use of the correctional system and community resources.”

Following its inaugural session, the 11-member Commission chaired by Denise E. O’Donnell, Assistant Secretary to the Governor for Criminal Justice and Commissioner of the Division of Criminal Justice Services, conducted a series of meetings where state and national sentencing experts provided an in-depth review of New York’s existing sentencing structure and practices, the many challenges facing that system and constructive proposals for reform. In its Preliminary Report, the Commission concludes that while New York has made commendable progress in enhancing public safety through the combined use of limited correctional resources and a broad reliance on community-based alternatives to incarceration, there is tremendous opportunity for improvement.

The full Report, as well as transcripts of the Commission’s public meetings, are available through the links below.

Full Report (pdf) - 1/26/2009

Press Release - 2/3/2009

Preliminary Report (pdf) - 10/16/2007

Press Release (10/16/2007)

Transcripts and Written Submissions from the Commission on Sentencing Reform's Public Hearings (pdf)

Transcripts from the Commission on Sentencing Reform Meetings: (pdf)