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DCJS Coded Law File Relational Database

Page Updated 11/16/2020

General Law File Information (pdf) , Excel Listing of NYS Laws (.xlsx) - NEW

Please review the Current Summary of Changes

In order to assist vendor development efforts, DCJS is providing the coded law file from the newly developed relational database in the formats below. The SQL Script option will create and populate the tables using SQL. The Import Option can be used to import NYS Law data in a database.

SQL Script Option - Version 20200825

  • SQL Create Script - This text file contains the SQL script which will create the NYS Law tables. You should run this create script, followed by the insert script.
  • SQL Insert Script - This text file contains the SQL script which will truncate the NYS Law table and populate it with the revised NYS laws in such a manner that the data winds up being an exact copy of the data in the DCJS law table. This should be run after the tables have been created.
  • These SQL scripts can be run on any Oracle, Sybase or SQL server database using SQL*plus.

Import Option

  • Import File - This file contains the NYS laws in an output format called comma-delimited, alpha-numeric quoted data.
  • Flat File - This file contains the NYS Laws as a flat file format

    These formats can be used for importing by all major PC databases and spreadsheets, ie. Access, Excel. Use the FILE, SAVE AS function to move these files to your hard drive.

XML Option - Version 20200825

  • XML file (SJS users)

    This file is a self-extracting file of the NYS laws in XML format. The XML file is now available for all of our users and will be supported by DCJS.


      • Download XML file and place in a download directory.
      • Double click self-extracting zip file and place files in the appropriate coded laws directory.
  • Office of Court Administration law files

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