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Current Summary of Changes to the Coded Law File

Law File Changes - February 7, 2019

Note: Laws added to the file since the last posting on August 8, 2018 begin with relative address/law ordinal 8585. Be aware, however, that changes/corrections have been made to existing laws. A summary is shown below, but may not be complete. We recommend that you overwrite the existing law file with the new one.
With this new posting (and with the more recent ones), a new file format is available to replace the legacy mainframe flat file. The content, however, is based on our Oracle table as the mainframe law table no longer exists due to the decommissioning of our mainframe.

Chapter 223 of the Laws of 2018 – added Mental Hygiene Law §32.06 -  Prohibited practices by providers of substance use disorder services, effective October 23, 2018. (ordinal 8585)
Chapter 195 of the Laws of 2018 -added Penal Law §260.35, Misrepresentation by a caregiver, effective October 15, 2018 (ordinal 8586)
Chapter 110 of the Laws of 2018 –added Arts and Cultural Affairs Law §25.10 – Ticket resale requirements, effective December 28, 2018. (ordinal 8587)
Chapter 189 of the Laws of 2018 –added Penal Law §230.34A – Sex trafficking of a child, effective November 13, 2018. (ordinal 8588)
Chapter 188 of the laws of 2018 – Amended Penal Laws §120.16 and §120.17 – amended Hazing in the first and second degrees in relation to prohibiting physical contact or activity in any organization’s initiating ceremony. (ordinals 4919/4920)
2057, 2058, 2059, 2060, 2061, 2042, 6424, 6493, 2047, and 7667

Law File Changes:

Added new ordinal 8585 per Chapter 223 of the Laws of 2018
Added new ordinal 8586 per Chapter 195 of the Laws of 2018
Added new ordinal 8587 per Chapter 110 of the Laws of 2018
Added new ordinal 8588 per Chapter 189 of the Laws of 2018
Amended ordinals 4919/4920 per Chapter 188 of the Laws of 2018

New IBR Offense Codes:
DCJS has revised the New York State Incident Based Reporting (IBR) Program to comply with National Incident Based Reporting System (NIBRS) standards. As part of the revisions, DCJS modified the current NYSIBR monthly submission file layout to incorporate NIBRS data elements previously not collected by New York State and aligned all variable codes with NIBRS specifications. In addition, DCJS added new IBR Offense Codes to the Coded Law File.  Due to the new codes, the IBR Offense Codes associated with some laws have been modified.  DCJS converts valid NYS law citations to IBR Offense Codes as defined by NIBRS.

Please note, these modifications will only impact those agencies that transition to the new NYSIBR transmission specifications that are NIBRS Compliant.

The following IBR Offense Codes have been added to the Coded Law File:
26F – Identity Theft
26G – Hacking/Computer Invasion
64A – Human Trafficking - Commercial Sex Acts
64B – Human Trafficking - Involuntary Servitude
720 – Animal Cruelty

Archive of Changes: