Division of Criminal Justice Services

New York State Standard Practices Manual for Processing Fingerprintable Criminal Cases

DCJS is pleased to announce the publication in December 2016 of the updated "New York State Standard Practices Manual for Processing Fingerprintable Criminal Cases." This manual provides documentation on the procedures necessary for the efficient and accurate exchange and reporting of fingerprintable criminal case information in New York State for the following areas:

  • Arrest Processing
  • Prosecutorial Processing
  • Judicial Processing
  • Custody and Supervision Processing

The fingerprints of individuals charged with fingerprintable offenses provide the starting point and anchor for the New York State criminal history information available to the criminal justice community. Meticulous case documentation, sharing of information with the rest of the agencies involved with the case, and reporting of arrest information and fingerprints to DCJS are essential for the creation of a complete and accurate criminal history record at DCJS. DCJS encourages all law enforcement agencies to use this manual for criminal case processing to ensure its criminal history record information is as accurate and complete as possible.  

The December 2016 revision reflects changes in criminal history record processing in the past fifteen years, especially the fully electronic submission of fingerprints and the creation of the Integrated Justice Portal. Representatives of agencies involved in the original manual were consulted in its development, and we hope you find it very useful.