Division of Criminal Justice Services

Warren County

Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Programs

Robert Iusi, Jr., Probation Director
1340 State Route 9 
Lake George, NY 12845-3434 
Phone: (518) 761-6444, Fax: (518) 761-6566

Supervising Agency:
Warren County Probation Department 

This program began operation in 1989. The Warren County Probation Department operates the pretrial program, it monitors and supervises pretrial individuals where authorized or requested by the Court. The Warren County Community Service Program is an Alternative to Incarceration Program (ATI) that provides a viable and cost-effective alternative to sentencing youth and adults to jail time. This program serves individuals of both genders and of all races. The geographic area covered includes any of the fourteen (14) Warren County Courts.



Lynn Ackershoek, Executive Director
190 Maple Street
PO Box 968 
Glens Falls, NY 12801-3735 
Phone: (518) 793-0636, Fax: (518) 793-2910
Supervising Agency:
Warren-Hamilton Community Action Agency 

This program began operation in 1986. Agency services are primarily assessment and community service. This agency also refers clients for counseling, educational services, enhanced information service, housing assistance, intensive supervision, job-placement assistance, mediation, rehabilitation and residential services.