Division of Criminal Justice Services

Sex Offender Address Confirmation Project

In support of the New York State's commitment to promote public safety and offender accountability, DPCA works with the Board of Sex Offender Examiners and the NYS Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) to track and monitor sex offenders in the community. Probation is the most frequently used disposition for defendants convicted of sex offenses in New York State. The supervision periods for sex offenders has doubled in New York State. Misdemeanor supervision was increased from three to six years and felony supervision was increased from five years to ten years. Probation officers regularly confirm offender addresses, comparing them to the State's Sex Offender Registry (SOR), require that offenders complete change of address forms, and file violations and request warrants on absconders. There are approximately 3500 registered sex offenders under probation supervision. Heeding suggestions from probation officers, the SOR database was modified to allow searches by supervising agency. This will enable each probation department to identify its cases on the SOR.