Division of Criminal Justice Services

Rockland County

Directory of Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Programs


Ms. Judy Rosenthal, Grant Administrator
1 South Main Street, Suite #500
New City, NY 10956
Phone:845-638-5683, Fax:845-638-5298
Supervising Agency:
Rockland County District Attorney’s Office

The Adult Misdemeanor Drug Court (AMDC) program follows the Best Practices and 10 Key Components of Drug Court as developed by the National Association of Drug Court Professions/National Drug Court Institute.  It is a minimum of a one year commitment.  Participants work through phases demonstrating progress in their recovery and behavior change. Successful completion of the AMDC culminates in the participant’s charges being Adjourned in Contemplation of Dismissal (ACD) or a DWI charge reduced to a violation.


Sergeant David Marzella, Program Director
51 New Hempstead Road
New City, NY 10956-3625
Phone: (845) 638-5609, Fax: (845) 638-5399
Supervising Agency:
Rockland County Sheriff's Department

This program began operation in 1985. Agency services are primarily community service, probation, court-ordered restrictions, counseling, educational service, field supervision, housing assistance, intensive supervision, intermittent incarceration, monitoring, rehabilitation and supervision for low risk non-violent clients. This agency also refers clients for job-placement assistance.


Dana Krengel, Program Director
873 Route 45, Suite #108
New City, NY  10956
Phone: (845) 624-1366, Fax: (845) 624-1369
Supervising Agency:
Rockland Independent Living Center

BRiDGES provides integration employment services and related supports to individuals released under community supervision in Rockland County who are at high risk for recidivism with high to moderate employment needs, with priority given for program participation to eligible individuals released within six months or less. The program offers high intensity programming, which includes the cognitive-based intervention, Thinking for Change (T4C), the employment-readiness training, Ready, Set, Work! (RSW) and intensive case management, and a range of supportive services that are planned by the Re-Integration Coordinators/Intensive Case Managers.  These decisions are based on the COMPAS assessment and the comprehensive intake assessment this staff administers as part of the intake process, which was developed over more than twenty years of working with persons with disabilities, including behavior health and intellectual and developmental disabilities.  Serving as the Re-Entry Coordinator for the Rockland County Re-Entry Task Force (CRTF) since 2013, BRiDGES has trained staff to facilitate cognitive behavioral interventions and career readiness curricula, close working connections with NYS DOCCS for referrals and follow-up, access to the stakeholders and members of the CRTF, as well as to a wide range of community providers for support services.

Rockland County Jail-Based CBI Services Program

Program Director – Toney Earl, Jr.
MADE Transitional Services
37 Williams Avenue
Spring Valley, NY 10977
Phone: (845) 379-1021 Fax: (845) 425-0976

County Correctional Facility
Rockland County Correctional Center