Division of Criminal Justice Services

Cattaraugus County

Alternatives to Incarceration (ATI) Programs


Gerald E. Zimmerman, Probation Director
1 Leo Moss Drive, Suite #3140 
Olean, NY 14760 
Phone: (716) 373-8047, Fax: (716) 701-3725
Supervising Agency:
Cattaraugus County Probation Department 

Pretrial Services are provided by the department as a means to address the number of people who are incarcerated prior to an actual court proceeding. Each new arrest that results in an offender being admitted into the jail is screened by an Alternative to Incarceration Specialist in order to determine if a recommendation should be made to the court to release the person on their own recognizance (ROR), to release the person under the supervision of the Alternative to Incarceration Specialist (RUS), or if there should be a reduction in bail. The driving consideration behind the pretrial program is the determination of the person's likelihood to appear for their next court date. This determination is made through an interview and assessment of the individual using the COMPAS (Correctional Offender Management Profiling for Alternative Sanction). 


Michael R. Sharbaugh, Deputy Director
1 Leo Moss Drive
Olean, NY 14760-1157
Phone: (716) 701-3362, Fax: (716) 701-3725
Supervising Agency:
Cattaraugus County Probation Department

This program is designed to provide culturally sensitive and responsive services to Native American offenders with an aim to the reduction of recidivism and incarceration. The program will rely upon evidence based practices (MI, T4C, OWDS, & Interactive Journaling). This program will build upon Native American cultural influences and will include a sensitivity to issues of Historic Generational Trauma.  This program will provide ATI services at an earlier stage than other ATI programs in operation in this area, and will also include interventions when a sentenced offender is in danger of incarceration due to behaviors that could constitute a violation of probation, and will utilize probation staff working as a team with contracted Native American staff.