Division of Criminal Justice Services

Registry Searches for Employers, Children’s Camp Operators and Volunteer Organizations

The process for submitting a search request depends on the number of individuals to be checked against Registry records:

  • Requests to search 30 or more individuals must be made by email and names must be in an Excel spreadsheet attached to the email.
  • Requests to search fewer than 30 individuals’ names may be made by:
    • fax,
    • email,
    • surface mail or 
    • telephone (a maximum of five names per call).

Registry staff will send a letter detailing search results to the requestor by email or fax for searches of more than 30 names. 

Registry staff will email or fax search results received by fax, email or surface mail to the requestor.

Results will be sent by surface mail only if a fax number or email address is not provided.

Excel spreadsheet requirements for requests to search 30 or more names

  • The Excel spreadsheet must contain each individual’s first and last name and either a complete birth date or a Social Security number.
  • The first row in the spreadsheet must contain the following fields formatted exactly as shown:
  • LastName (no space)

    FirstName (no space)

    Birth_Date (underscore): must appear as MM/DD/YYYY


    SSN: must be 9 numbers with no spaces or dashes














Email SORSearch@dcjs.ny.gov with “800 # Search” in the subject line and the Excel document attached.

  • The following information must be included in the email: employer, camp or organization name; address; telephone and fax numbers; and contact information for a person that Registry staff can call if there are questions.

Fax, email and surface mail requirements for requests to search fewer than 30 names

  • First and last name of each individual and one of the following: birth date, Social Security number, driver’s license number or complete address
  • The employer, camp or organization name, address, telephone and fax numbers, and contact person for DCJS to call if there are questions.

Fax: (518) 485-5805

Email: sorfax@dcjs.ny.gov

Mail: New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Sex Offender Registry, 80 South Swan St., Albany, New York 12210

Telephone requirements to search five or fewer names

  • Employers, camp operators or volunteer organizations must have individuals’ first and last names and one of the following for each individual: complete address, birth date, driver’s license number or Social Security number.
  • Call 800-262-3257, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. Monday through Friday (excluding legal holidays).
  • Registry staff will ask callers to provide their name, address and telephone number before requesting a search.