Division of Criminal Justice Services

New York State Forensic Laboratory Report Standardization Manual

The New York State Crime Laboratory Advisory Committee (NYCLAC) in 2011 tasked New York State’s 10 Technical Working Groups (TWGs) to develop standardized guidelines for the wording of laboratory reports.

The New York State Forensic Laboratory Report Standardization Manual is the result of that work and represents the minimum guidelines that NYCLAC and TWG members believe should be represented in laboratory reports from the accredited forensic laboratories in New York State.

Laboratory reports are an essential tool of the criminal justice system which explain the value of evidence that has been examined in the Laboratories.  Compliance with these guidelines will help the laboratory professionals summarize their work in a manner that is both scientifically accurate and understandable to members of the criminal justice community.

The goal of this project was for the laboratories to be in voluntary compliance with this manual by January 2015.  This manual was designed to be a living document that will be reviewed and modified as necessary. NYCLAC and the TWG members will continue to oversee this process. This page will contain the current version of the manual, in addition to prior versions that will be archived for reference. 

Laboratory and/or criminal justice professionals who have questions about the report standardization project and manual may contact DCJS Office of Forensic Services at ForensicLabs@dcjs.ny.gov for more information.

New York State Forensic Laboratory Report Standardization Manual (Dec 2022, pdf)



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