Division of Criminal Justice Services

DCJS Coded Vehicle Files

Page Updated 9/12/2023

Warning: The data in these files are dynamic;
Check frequently and download as necessary.

NYS coded tables are tables designed for the DCJS applications. The data contained within the database are provided thru NCIC. The NYS coded tables are maintained by DCJS. As DCJS encounters new vehicle codes from NCIC, DCJS will update the NYS coded vehicle table and make it available to the user. DCJS will support the XML file for Spectrum Justice System users. All other users must have working knowledge of XML and how XML can be used in conjunction with a proprietary Database.

  • DCJS Coded Vehicle XML File - Version 20230912 - Self-extracting file containing NYS coded vehicle information in XML format. Spectrum Justice System users should use the files to update their application with the latest coded vehicle file. All other users are welcome to download this file but DCJS provides no support for using this file with other applications.