Division of Criminal Justice Services


The NYS Office of Probation and Correctional Alternatives (OPCA) promulgates regulations and standards, provides general oversight and administers state aid funds to promote community corrections services. These measures assist the judiciary and public officials in decision making and enhance the State's commitment to public safety and demand for offender accountability. OPCA manages the disbursement of local assistance appropriations for 58 probation departments, over 100 Alternative to Incarceration Programs, (both Article 13A and Demonstration), Specialized Assistance for the Supervision and Treatment of Offenders, the Adult and Juvenile Intensive Supervision Programs, Juvenile Risk Intervention Services Coordination (JRISC), the Probation Eligible Diversion Program, TANF funding, an array of grant funded initiatives, and special state initiatives programs.

OPCA is strongly committed to collaborate with federal, state and local stakeholders in order to maximize state and local resources, promote program and offender accountability, and improve service delivery.