Division of Criminal Justice Services

Current Summary of Changes to the Coded Law File

Law File Changes – October 2010

Note: Laws added to the file since the last posting on May 3, 2010 begin with relative address/law ordinal 8075. Be aware, however, that changes/corrections have been made to existing laws. A summary is shown below, but may not be complete. We recommend that you overwrite the existing law file with the new one.


S 2087-B amends the public health law, in relation to unlawful dissection, procurement, and sale of human tissue, organs or body parts
S 5536 amends the penal law in relation to larceny of an automated teller machine (ATM).

Law File Changes:

Modified the UCR_code on Ordinals 3271 and 3272

Modified the Full_Law_Description and the Expanded_Law_Literal on Ordinal 2077

Modified the DNA_Indicator on Ordinals 8001-8002, 8073-8074,

Modified the Non_Seal_Indicator on Ordinal 6732

Modified the Terrorism_Indicator on Ordinal 7591

Repealed Law_Ordinals on 1945, 4774, 6236, 5991-5998, 7382-7383, 8057

Added the Effective_Date on Ordinal 7986

Added New Law Ordinals 8075 –8092

Archive of Changes: