Division of Criminal Justice Services

Coded Law File

Law File Changes- November 2002

The most significant changes to the law file posted in November 2002, include the following:

DMV_VTCODE- A new column has been added to the relational law table. (The mainframe file is unaffected by this.) There is a code in this column that will serve as a cross-reference for selected laws that are used by contributors participating in the Eticket Project.

Two new crimes were created with the passage of the Identity Theft bill (Chapter 619 of 2002): Identity Theft (PL 190.78, PL 190.79, and PL 190.80), and Unlawful Possession of Personal Identification Information (PL 190.81, PL 190.82 and PL 190.83). Also, subdivision 3 of PL 490.05 was amended, so that these new crimes (1st and 2nd degree) are included as "Specified Offenses" under the Terrorism Act. These laws took effect on November 1, 2002.

Another new crime is that of Assault in the 2nd degree on certain transit workers while on duty (PL 120.05 sub 11), which also took effect on Nov 1, 2002. There have also been some additions unrelated to the current legislative session; i.e., laws that have been "on the books" for some time were added to the DCJS law file.

Note: Laws added to the file since the last posting begin with relative address/law ordinal 6776.

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