Division of Criminal Justice Services

Current Summary of Changes to the Coded Law File

Law File Changes - January 16, 2014

Note:  No new laws have been added with this release.  Only one Safe Act law has been update (repealed), as outlined in the ‘Law File Changes’ below.  This law has been repealed, effective 01/14/14. 

With this new posting (and with the more recent ones), a new file format is available to replace the legacy mainframe flat file.  The content, however, is based on our Oracle table as the mainframe law table no longer exists due to the decommissioning of our mainframe.

Law File Changes:
Law Ordinal 8273 – repealed as of 01/14/14 – Unlawful Transfer Assault Weapon-Transfer in State to Person not Authorized to Possess
Law Ordinal 8274 – replaces Law Ordinal 8273 as of 01/15/14 - Unlawful Transfer Assault Weapon/Large Capacity Feeding Device-Transfer in State

Archive of Changes: