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Law File Changes- February 13, 2007

Note: Laws added to the file since the last posting on November 9, 2006 begin with relative address/law ordinal 7541. Be aware, however, that changes/corrections have been made to existing laws. A summary is shown below, but may not be complete. We recommend that you overwrite the existing law file with the new one.


Chapter 745 was passed and took effect on 12/15/2006. This bill reversed some of the changes enacted by Chapter 742, on 11/1/2006. Specifically, PL 265.03 subdivision 1b was changed to read, “Posseses a loaded firearm;” and 1c reads, “Possesses a disguised gun.” Subdivision 3 was also amended.

Chapter 746 was passed and took effect on 12/15/2006. This bill corrected some statutes enacted by Chapter 732, on 11/1/2006. Specifically, Aggravated DWI was changed to reference “.18 of 1 percentum...” instead of “.18 grams” of alcohol by weight. A similar correction was made to Vehicular Assault and Vehicular Manslaughter in the penal law; plus some subdivisions were renumbered.

Law File Changes:

A repeal date was added to ordinals 7420- 7422, 7442-7447, 7453-7458, 7475-7478, 7503-7508.

The literals were modified on ordinal 6095, 6284* and 7432.*
*minor typo corrected on oracle only

The terrorism_indicator was corrected on ordinal 7504.

A boolean for DCJS internal use was changed on ordinal 6404.

VTcodes were removed on several ordinals that have been repealed: 7420- 7422, 7442-7447, 7453-7458, 7503-7508.

Mainframe Only:
NCIC code changed on ordinal/relative address 5000, 5001, 6166, and 7405.

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