Division of Criminal Justice Services

Coded Law File

Anti-Terrorism Legislation Summary of Changes:

The law files have been updated to reflect changes made as a result of the Anti-Terrorism Legislation signed by the Governor on September 17, 2001. PL 490.25 provides that persons convicted of a specified offense, upon the court's determination that the offense was committed as an act of terrorism, will stand convicted of a higher class than they normally would for the underlying offense. To accommodate recording two classes for a single offense, depending on the conditions under which it was committed (as an act of terrorism or not), each of the specified offenses has been updated with a new subsection, containing a "T" for Terrorism, and the higher class. (This is similar to the mechanism used to update offenses pursuant to the Hate Crime Legislation of 2000.) Approximately 160 new offenses were updated in this manner.

Further, the legislature upgraded offenses under several sections of the Penal Law to one class higher than they were previously: 240.50, 240.55, and 240.60- dealing with Falsely Reporting an Incident; and 240.61 and 240.62, dealing with Placing a False Bomb. They also passed a new law, PL 240.63, dealing with Placing a False Bomb in a Sports Arena, Mass Transit Facility, or Shopping Mall.