Division of Criminal Justice Services

Prosecutorial Processing - DCJS Criminal History Report (Rapsheet) - Rapsheet Use and Destruction

1. Develop and uniformly apply a written policy consistent with the Use and Dissemination Agreement signed with DCJS regarding rapsheet use, dissemination and destruction.

2. The rapsheet is a confidential document. Do not make it available to the public.

3. Do not use the rapsheet for any purpose other than the decision point for which it was originally obtained. Prosecutors may request a current criminal history at any stage before final disposition or termination of a revocable sentence.

4. If the rapsheet is requested electronically through NYSPIN, the ORI number of the agency using the rapsheet must be used to request the rapsheet, rather than using the agency ORI number where the operator and terminal are located.

5. Destroy the rapsheet 30 days after the filing of a judgment, unless a notice of appeal has been filed. If a notice of appeal has been filed, retain the rapsheet for the duration of the appeal.


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