Division of Criminal Justice Services

Prosecutorial Processing - Fingerprinting - Juvenile Delinquent and Juvenile Offender Fingerprinting

Authority: Family Court Act Section 306.1 and Penal Law Section 10 (18), Juvenile Offender charges.

1. Arresting agencies should ensure that procedures are in place to fingerprint juveniles as required by law.

2. Arresting agencies must make every effort to obtain proof of the age or identity of a juvenile taken into custody for a fingerprintable offense. Such proof could include information from school systems or physicians or birth or baptismal certificates. It should be noted that there may be confidentiality restrictions on arresting agencies in obtaining this information.

3. Probation departments, presentment agencies and family courts should make referrals of juveniles to arresting agencies if the juvenile has not been fingerprinted as required by law. These agencies should contact arresting agencies if they do not receive evidence (i.e., Criminal Justice Tracking Number [CJTN]) that fingerprinting has occurred when required.


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