Division of Criminal Justice Services

Prosecutorial Processing - Criminal Case Documentation - Case Processing, Reporting, and Sharing Information with Other Criminal Justice Agencies

1. Prosecutor Actions

a. Use the court assigned case number to identify a case when sharing information or reporting to other agencies.

b. Include the key identifiers needed to associate information to the arrest on the DCJS Criminal History Report (rapsheet) when reporting or sharing information between the grand jury and courts.

c. Monitor and take action, when necessary, to obtain the key identifiers and case numbers. This should be ongoing throughout the life of the case.

d. Report to the court the evolution of charges from arrest through closure, including reductions, deletions, modifications and additions.

e. Include the section of law under which a dismissal occurs on the record in order to determine if the dismissal is eligible for sealing.

f. Use the local court Divestiture Form which is passed to the prosecutor from the court holding the case for the Grand Jury or transferring the case to the Superior Court. These forms include identifiers and additional information the courts require to process information.

2. Documents to be Provided to Other Criminal Justice Agencies

a. Criminal Procedure Law 160.50 Seal Order for Decline to Prosecute Cases: Forward to arresting agency and DCJS.

b. Local Court Divestiture Form(s) pertaining to the SCI or Indictment charges: Forward to the superior court.

c. Plea Agreement: Forward to the courts with cases involved in the agreement.

d. List of Charges "Held or Waived for the Action of the Grand Jury" by local courts which are not included in the Indictment: Forward to the superior court.

e. Monthly Case Status Report: Forward to the appropriate court(s).

f. Reveal Order, a request to receive an unsealed rapsheet: Forward to New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services, Office of Operations, Criminal History Bureau, Response Distribution Unit, Alfred E. Smith Building 80 South Swan St. Albany, New York 12210.


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