Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Processing A Case - Sealing Court and Other Agency Records

Authority: Criminal Procedure Law Sections 160.50 and 160.55.

1. The court shall immediately send a notification to all agencies to seal their respective records in compliance with the Criminal Procedure Law and other statutes requiring sealing.

2. Sealing notifications must include:

a. Key identifiers

b. Defendant pedigree information

c. Detailed charges and disposition information

d. Agencies notified

e. Statute under which sealing occurred

3. An Agency Notification List should be maintained for each seal order documenting the agencies to which notifications have been sent. The list should include:

a. Clerks of all appropriate courts with records which may need sealing

b. Commissioner of New York State Division of Criminal Justice Services through the court's disposition reporting system (DCJS notifies the FBI)

c. Heads of all arresting agencies involved in the arrests

d. Prosecutor

e. County clerk's office for superior court seals


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