Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Processing A Case - Arraigning for Another Court and Transferring Case to that Court

Authority: Criminal Procedure Law 180.20.

1. Forward the case documents to the court to which the case is transferred.

2. If there is a delay in receiving all the documents in time for transfer, the arraigning court should transfer the remaining documents upon receipt. This includes a copy of:

a. Fingerprint Card stub or notification of the Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN)

b. DCJS Criminal History Report (rapsheet)

c. In courts using the UCS-540 Disposition Report, a copy of that report, which reflects the arraignment and transfer

3. Implement a standardized arraignment procedure for the transmittal of key identifiers, between local courts.

a. Include a form that would contain a checklist of items to be included in the transferred file

b. Forward information directly to the court with preliminary jurisdiction at the time of transfer, or as soon as available.


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