Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Processing A Case - Receiving Arrest Documentation

Beyond the minimum documents referenced below, other supporting documents may be forwarded to the court for the processing of a criminal fingerprintable arrest as detailed in the UCS guidelines, as well as New York State law. Key identifiers which enable the court information to be associated to an arrest at DCJS should be included in the documentation.

The arresting agency, at a minimum, must forward the following documents to the court:

1. Arrest Report

This report should not include confidential information about the complainant or police investigation. Other report formats could replace the arrest report as long as the report contains the key identifiers and detailed charge information which match the information sent to DCJS. This report should be filed with the accusatory instrument in court.

2. Accusatory Instrument

In addition to the requirements specified in CPL 100.15, an accusatory instrument should include:

a. indicator of juvenile offender, where applicable

b. name of the agency filing the instrument

c. filing agency's case number

The instrument must be filed at or before arraignment.

3. Arrest Fingerprint Card Stub (UCS 501 Card) or Equivalent Notification in Electronic Fingerprint Transmission Systems

This includes:

a. arrest information

b. pre-printed Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN)

c. trial court(s)

d. expected arraignment date

e. arraignment court and county

If fingerprinting does not occur until after arraignment, the arrest information and Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) should be forwarded to the court as soon as possible after fingerprinting is completed.

4. Arrest Fingerprint Based Rapsheet

Two copies (one court copy and one defendant copy) of the rapsheet are forwarded to the court when Arrest Fingerprints are processed and updated to the criminal history database at DCJS (CPL 160.30 & 160.40). The court must give one of those copies to the defendant or defense attorney (CPL 160.40).

Note: The NYSID Number and Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) are located on the arrest fingerprint-based rapsheet.


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