Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Reporting to UCS and DCJS - Reporting When Case Jurisdiction Involves Both Local and Superior Courts

1. Report whenever a case passes from one court jurisdiction to another court jurisdiction by order of the superior court.

2. The superior court should report actions taken by the grand jury and by the superior court which transfers jurisdiction to the local court.

3. The local court should report actions on cases which the superior court sends back to their jurisdiction under the original local court case number.

4. Key identifiers and case identifiers should be included in the paperwork passed from the local court to the grand jury, from the grand jury to the superior court and from the superior court to the local court so that dispositions will associate to the appropriate arrest at DCJS.

5. A local court should report dispositions for charges pending in that local court which were included in a plea agreement in a superior court case.


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