Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Reporting to UCS and DCJS - Monitoring Criminal Cases from Commencement to Closure for Completeness and Accuracy of Reporting

1. The automated system used by the courts and OCA should generate warnings for what appears to be conflicting information or unmatched cases.

2. All automated and manual systems should allow for the collection of a Crime Date, Arrest Date and Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) for each charge.

3. An ongoing reconciliation process should be established between the courts, DCJS and OCA.

4. Corrections to previously reported court case information should be reported as follows: Magistrate courts should send corrected information to DCJS, Office of Operations, Criminal History Bureau, Criminal Disposition Reporting Unit, Alfred E. Smith Building 80 South Swan St. Albany, New York 12210. DCJS should pass the corrected information to the UCS. All other courts should pass corrections to the UCS which will send the corrections to DCJS.

5. Courts should respond to reports which identify dispositions that were received but not updated to the DCJS database because of errors or conflicting information.


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