Division of Criminal Justice Services

Judicial Processing - Criminal Case Documentation - Providing Complete Case Documentation to Other Criminal Justice Agencies

1. Key Identifiers

The following Key Identifiers should be included in all exchanges of information with other agencies involved with a criminal case:

a. Name

b. Arrest Date

c. NYSID Number

d. Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) previously known as Court Control Number, OBTS Number, 501 Number

e. Date of Birth

f. Crime Date

g. Court Case Number

h. Court Name

2. Additional Information Included when Reporting to other Criminal Justice Agencies

a. Defendant Sex

b. All Charges with the following details:

• Law title and section
• Subsection
• Class and category
• Degree
• Counts
• Charge attempted or completed indicator
• Description

c. Notification of need for fingerprints to be taken if printing has not occurred.

d. Where court calendars are used to note proceedings, court clerks should provide annotated copies of the court calendars to all parties involved in the case in lieu of each maintaining separate notes. It is recommended that a report of daily activity, excluding sealed information, be available to all parties using established terminology and codes.


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