Division of Criminal Justice Services

Custody/Supervision Processing - Probation Supervision Processing - Sharing Documents with Other Agencies

1. Documentation Received by Probation from Other Agencies

a. Order for Probation Pre-Sentence Investigation: From the Court.

b. Order of Sentence to Probation: From the Court.

2. Documentation Forwarded from Probation to Other Agencies

All documentation should contain the appropriate Key Identifiers, including NYSID, Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) and Arrest Date.

a. Pre-Sentence Investigation Report: Forward to Court.

b. Notification of Violation of Conditions of Probation: Forward to Court.

c. Notification of Transfer of Probation Supervision to Another County: Forward to Probation in county where supervision transferred.

d. Notice of Transfer of Court Jurisdiction Upon Transfer of Probation Supervision to a Different County. Probation in County Where Supervision Transferred: Forward to Sending Court and Receiving Court.


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