Division of Criminal Justice Services

Custody/Supervision Processing - Custodial Facilities and Parole Supervision - Sharing Documents with Other Agencies

1. Documentation Received by Custodial Facilities from Other Agencies

a. Securing or Commitment Order for defendants prior to sentencing Local Holding Center, County Jail, or State Correctional Facilities: From the sentencing court.

b. Commitment Order for sentenced inmates: From the sentencing court.

c. DCJS Criminal History Report (rapsheet): From DCJS when the admission fingerprint card is processed.

d. Rapsheet obtained through an electronic inquiry to NYSPIN or DCJS upon facility request (Facility ORI number is to be used for the request).

2. Documentation Forwarded by Custodial Facilities to Other Agencies

All documentation should contain the appropriate Key Identifiers including NYSID, Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) and Arrest Date.

a. Incarceration Fingerprints or Images: Forwarded to DCJS.

b. Commitment Information: Forwarded to DCJS electronically by DOCS for state facility admissions or on a fingerprint card for local admissions.

c. Release Information for state commitments only: Forwarded to DCJS electronically by DOCS for state facility releases. Note: Release information is not reported for local commitments.


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