Division of Criminal Justice Services

Custody/Supervision Processing - Custodial Facilities and Parole Supervision - DCJS Criminal History Report(Rapsheet) Use, Dissemination, Destruction and Review

1. Each agency should develop and uniformly apply a written policy consistent with the Rapsheet Use and Dissemination Agreement signed with DCJS.

2. The rapsheet:

• is confidential and is not to be made available to the public

• must not be used for any purpose other than the decision point for which it was originally obtained

• should be destroyed upon case closure

• should not be shared with other agencies unless authorized to do so by statute or the U&D

3. If the rapsheet is obtained through a NYSPIN terminal for use by another agency, use the ORI number of the agency for whom the rapsheet is being requested.

4. Upon receipt of a rapsheet:

a. The agency should review the rapsheet to ensure that any information submitted by that agency is complete, accurate and associated to the correct arrest event.

b. The agency should contact DCJS to correct any errors or omissions by writing to the DCJS, Office of Operations, Criminal History Bureau, Alfred E. Smith Building 80 South Swan St. Albany, New York 12210. Notification may also be made by phoning the DCJS Customer Service Contact Center at 518-457-5837 or 1-800-262-3257.


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