Division of Criminal Justice Services

Arrest Processing - Fingerprinting - Ensuring the Quality of Fingerprint Impressions

Authority: Criminal Procedure Law Section 160.10 (1) and Family Court Act Section 306.1.

1. Fingerprint impressions should be of the highest quality obtainable.

2. Arresting agencies should become proficient in fingerprinting by utilizing training available through DCJS.

3. If necessary, departments should consider working with other agencies to assist in fingerprinting their cases.

4. Arresting agencies should monitor the rejection rate of fingerprints as an indication of the need to retrain specific personnel responsible for the fingerprinting.

5. If Arrest Fingerprints are rejected by DCJS with a request for re-printing the individual, agencies should follow the practices presented in Section II.C.8. (Completing Delayed or Partial Fingerprinting and Responding to a DCJS Request for Re-printing).

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