Division of Criminal Justice Services

Arrest Processing - Criminal Case Documentation - Sharing Documents with Other Agencies

1. Documents Generated by the Arresting Agency to be Forwarded to Other Agencies

a. Complaint Report: Forward to the prosecutor.

b. Arrest Report: Forward to the prosecutor and court.

c. Accusatory Instrument, and other supporting documentation which establishes the basis for the charges filed against the individual: Forward to the prosecutor and to the court.

d. For manual/hard copy fingerprint submissions, the New York State Arrest Fingerprint Card (DCJS-2 or DCJS-2JD) used to update an arrest to the DCJS Criminal History Report (rapsheet). Top Part with impressions: Forward to DCJS. Stub Part: Forward to the court.

e. For electronic fingerprint submissions, a report of the Criminal Justice Tracking Number (CJTN) assigned to the arrest fingerprint submissions: Forward to the court.

f. New York State Inquiry Fingerprint Card (DCJS-6), used to determine identity (does not create a new arrest record at DCJS): Forward to DCJS.

g. Request for Court to Notify Defendant to Appear for Fingerprinting (if not printed at time of arrest): Forward to the court.

h. Supplemental Form (DCJS-3206): Forward to DCJS for notification of changes to be made (modifications, deletions, additions) to previous fingerprint submission.

i. Arresting agency CPL 160.50 Seal Order (DCJS-1975), when arresting agency determines not to proceed with arrest prior to court arraignment on the charges: Forward to DCJS and the prosecutor.

2. Documents Generated by Other Agencies for Dissemination by the Arresting Agency to Other Agencies

a. Copies of the rapsheet provided to the arresting agency by DCJS when Arrest Fingerprints are processed at DCJS. Forward: two copies to the Court and one copy to the prosecutor and maintain a copy in the arresting agency's files.

b. Rapsheet obtained through an electronic inquiry to NYSPIN or DCJS upon prosecutor or court request (Prosecutor or Court ORI Number is used for the request). NOTE: This is not a fingerprint-based rapsheet. Forward: to the agency making the request.

3. Documents Generated by Other Agencies for Arresting Agency Action

a. Arrest and Bench Warrants, including an indication of whether the defendant should be fingerprinted when picked up on the warrant and the arrest date to use: Created by and forwarded from the court.

b. CPL 160.50 Sealing Order (DCJS-1975): From the prosecutor if the prosecutor declines to prosecute a case prior to court arraignment.

c. CPL 160.50 Sealing Order: From the court if the court favorably disposes of a case and seals the record.

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