Division of Criminal Justice Services

Grants Management System

GMS is not directly accessible from this page. Please consult your Username/Password email for the correct URL.


NEWNew York State is in the process of implementing the New York State Vendor File, a centralized repository to maintain timely and reliable information on all vendors registered to do business with the State. All grant award recipients MUST register with the Vendor File and receive a Vendor ID.  GMS Help staff are working to update GMS with those Vendor IDs already established by our grantees. If you have not registered your agency or organization for a NYS Vendor ID, or are not sure if your organization has a Vendor ID, visit the State Comptroller's Website for information on registration.
To determine if your Vendor ID has been entered into GMS, open any GMS Project you have with us. Go to the Participants Tab. Click on your Participant Name. The field for SFS Vendor ID is displayed along with other address and identifying information.

Download the GMS User Registration Form (now in fillable Word format) for the GMS system via e-mail (for grantee users; see below for Signatory users). New GMS registrants are also required to submit IRS form W-9 (Request for Taxpayer ID Number and Certification) along with their registration. Prior to registering for the GMS system, please consult with others in your agency performing grant-related activities to determine if your agency has already registered.

In order to eSign a DCJS contract, the signing official* for any agency or organization doing business with DCJS must complete and submit a GMS Registration Form for Signatories (now in fillable Word format) in order to access the eSignature portions of GMS.

*A signing official is that person authorized by his/her agency or organization to enter into a legally binding contractual agreement on behalf of the agency or organization. GMS will require the Signatory to attest to his/her authority prior to e-signing a contract. If you do not have signing authority, do not register as a signatory; invalidly e-Signed contracts will be rejected by the Office of the Attorney General.

Download the GMS User Manual.

NewGMS Video Tutorial Series:

View GMS Tutorials (PowerPoint)

(download PowerPoint viewer)

  1. Creating an Application
  2. Quarterly Progress Reports
  3. Reviewing (board members only)
  4. Recording Property (Equipment Inventory)
  5. Using ESignatures

The GMS system will be unavailable each Monday morning at 3am for a brief period.

Number for GMS Help: (518) 457-9787.

Changes to the DCJS grant amendment process.

GMS User Information (please check back frequently for updates)

Below is a brief outline of the eSignature process, a downloadable User manual, and tutorials on the system, including eSignatures:

OPDF Grant Processing with eSignatures
  • OPDF announces a solicitation for competitive grant applications or a direct award
  • A registered user for an organization logs into to GMS and
    • Creates a new application for funding (competitive solicitations)
    • Completes an existing application (directed awards)**
  • Prior to submission of the application, user accesses the Certified Assurances and indicates acceptance of the assurances, if applicable (Federally-funded programs), then submits the application for approval
  • GMS notifies both OPDF and the grantee's signatory official that an application has been submitted
  • Once the application is approved and is in final contract form, the grantee's signatory official is notified that a contract is ready to be electronically signed
  • Signatory logs into GMS and accesses the Acceptance Tab
  • GMS notifies OPDF that the contract has been electronically signed
  • OPDF Director electronically signs the contract
  • A permanent, uneditable Adobe contract document is created with proofs of signing
    • OPDF staff generate a paper document for execution through the Office of the State Comptroller and the Attorney General (wherever applicable)
  • The final, executed contract is mailed to the grantee organization

**Note to recipients of Legislated awards (Edward Byrne/JAG, Member Items or State Aid to Localities programs): Please do not begin a GMS application for your funding until notified by DCJS. You will receive an award notice that includes the GMS Project number you will be applying under. You will not be creating a new application, but completing one begun for you by DCJS. Thank you.