Forensic Science Links

American Academy of Forensic Sciences: The AAFS is a nonprofit professional society devoted to the improvement, the administration, and the achievement of justice through the application of science to the processes of law.

AmericanBoard of Criminalistics: The ABC is composed of regional and national organizations which represent forensic scientists. The representatives from these organizations can answer any questions about the ABC, certification examinations, proficiency testing, and related issues.

AmericanBoard of Forensic Toxicology: The purpose of the ABFT is to establish and enhance voluntary standards for the practice of forensic toxicology and for the examination and recognition of scientists and laboratories providing forensic toxicology services.

American Prosecutors Research Institute (APRI) - DNA-related publications: The Institute is committed to providing state and local prosecutors knowledge, skills and support to ensure that justice is done and the public safety rights of all persons are safeguarded.

AmericanSociety of Crime Laboratory Directors: ASCLD is a nonprofit professional society of crime laboratory directors and forensic science managers dedicated to promoting excellence in forensic science through leadership and innovation.

Association of Firearm & Toolmark Examiners: AFTE is an international organization dedicated to the advancement of one of the disciplines of Forensic Science - Firearm & Toolmark Identification.

TheCanadian Society of Forensic Science: CSFS is a non-profit professional organization incorporated to maintain professional standards, and to promote the study and enhance the stature of forensic science.

Careersin Forensic Science (American Academy of Forensic Sciencesweb-site): a guide for life choices of careers combining science and service in the interests of society, justice and public safety (reference page located on AAFS website).

DNA Forensics: Learn the basics of the forensic use of DNA on this page from the Human Genome Project Information Web site.

DNAResource: A website for those seeking information on the latest developments in forensic DNA policy.

TheForensic Science Service: An organization designed to meet the needs of specific police investigations.

ForensicScience Society: Forensic Science Society is an international professional body with members in over 60 countries.

NationalCenter for Forensic Science: The NationalCenter for Forensic Science provides research, education, training, tools and technology to meet the current and future needs of the forensic science, investigative and criminal justice communities. The NCFS is aprogram of the National Institute of Justice hosted by the University of Central Florida.

NationalDNA Data Bank of Canada: Launched in June 2000, the Data Bank has provided critical evidence to solve criminal cases across Canada, many involving serious offenses.

NationalForensic Science Technology Center: NFSTC is a not-for-profit corporation established to provide quality systems support, training and education to the forensic science community in the United States.

National Institute of Justice - Forensic Science Topics: NIJ is the research, development, and evaluation agency of the U.S. Department of Justice and is dedicated to researching crime control and justice issues.

NortheasternAssociation of Forensic Scientists: NEAFS goals are to exchange ideas and information within the field of forensic science, and to foster friendship and cooperation among the various laboratory personnel.

Societyof Forensic Toxicologists: The Society of Forensic Toxicologists, Inc. (SOFT) is an organization composed of practicing forensic toxicologists and those interested in the discipline for the purpose of promoting and developing forensic toxicology.

VirginiaInstitute of Forensic Science and Medicine: Its purpose is to strengthen and improve the administration of justice by educating and training forensic scientists, forensic pathologists, law enforcement, legal and medical professionals.