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JEWELRY TYPE (Unidentified/Missing Person)

Data Element: JEWELRY TYPE (Unidentified/Missing Person)
Definition: A code describing items of jewelry associated with an unidentified or missing individual.
Standard of Verification: Not Applicable
Data Type: AN
Field Size: 2
Field Format: 2AN
Originating Teams: Law Enforcement
User Teams: Courts and Law Enforcement
Tables / Codes: Tables/Codes for this data element are available in the NCIC Code Manual, which is accessible to users of the FBI’s Law Enforcement Online (LEO) Network.

Individuals without LEO access that seek to obtain further information can telephone NCIC directly at (305) 625-3000.
Comments: For NCIC transmission purposes, this data element must be reported as 34 positions, a 2 character alphanumeric field occurring up to 17 times. Refer to the NCIC Manual for further details.