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Data Element: FORM OF BAIL
Definition: Type of bail posted.
Standard of Verification: Court case file folder.
Data Type: AN
Field Size: 2
Field Format: 2AN
Originating Teams: Corrections and Courts
User Teams: Corrections, Courts and Law Enforcement
Tables / Codes: 01 - Cash
02 - Secured Bond - Bail bond secured by either personal property or real property.
03 - Unsecured Bond - A bail bond, other than an insurance company bail bond, not secured by any deposit of or lien upon property.
04 - Partial Security - A bail bond secured only by a deposit of a sum of money not exceeding ten percent of the total amount of the undertaking.
05 - Property
06 - Insurance company bail bond
07 - Credit Card
88 - Other
99 - Unknown
Comments: The definitions of Unsecured Bond and Partial Security are found in CPL 500.10 (18) and 5- 00.10 (19).
Codes 1-4 in the table above conform to definitions included in CPL 500.10. Appearance bond, surety bond and insurance bond (also found in CPL 500.10) can fall into any of the three bond categories in the table.