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Definition: Subject's most recent employment status.

Employed - during past work week, did any work at all as paid employee, in own business profession or farm, unpaid worker more than 15 hours in family business, or with a job but temporarily absent or on active duty in Armed Services (excludes work as resident of an institution).
Employed Full-Time - Employed 20 hours or more.
Employed Part-Time - Employed less than 20 hours.
Unemployed - Looking for and available for job or waiting to return to job from which laid off.
Not In Labor Force - Persons not classified in labor force, including persons under 16.
Homemaker - Household manager.
Student - Enrolled in school.
Retired - Retired from work.
Disabled - Unable to work for medical reasons.
Inmate - Incarcerated.
Seasonal Worker Not Working - Person currently not working and regularly working for a part of the year.
Discouraged Worker - Not working and not looking for work.
Other - For instance, volunteer worker, unpaid worker less than 15 hours in family business.
Standard of Verification: Employed - Directed observation, directly from the employer or pay-stub.
Unemployed - Written evidence of registration at an employment office, being on a union or professional register, placing an ad, employment interviews or letters of job application.
Homemaker - Self-report.
Student - Information provided by the school or by direct observation.
Retired - Retirement papers.
Disabled - Written evidence of disability payments or doctor's statement.
Inmate - Information provided by a criminal justice agency.
Seasonal Worker Not Working - Direct observation, directly from the employer or pay-stub.
Discouraged Worker - Inmate self-report.
Data Type: N
Field Size: 2
Field Format: 2N
Originating Teams: Corrections
User Teams: Corrections and Courts
Tables / Codes: 01 - Employed
02 - Employed Full-Time
03 - Employed Part-Time
10 - Unemployed
20 - Not in Labor Force
21 - Homemaker
22 - Student
23 - Retired
24 - Disabled
25 - Inmate
26 - Seasonal Worker not Working
27 - Discouraged Worker
28 - Youth
29 - Other
99 - Unknown
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