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Current Summary of Changes to the Coded Law File

Law File Changes - May 3, 2010

Note: Laws added to the file since the last posting on January 19, 2010 begin with relative address/law ordinal 8070. Be aware, however, that changes/corrections have been made to existing laws. A summary is shown below, but may not be complete. We recommend that you overwrite the existing law file with the new one.

Public Officers Law was amended in relation to prohibiting the use by certain public officers and employees of property, services or other resources of the state for private business or other compensated non-governmental purposes; and amends the penal law, in relation to defrauding the government.

Law File Changes:
Modified Juvenile Delinquent indicator on ordinals: 5988, 6000, 6002, 6003, 6043, 6044, 6046, 6050, 6051, 6053, 6307, 6799, 6800, 7073, 7074, 7319, 7321, 7508, 7584, 7587, 7860

Modified Attempted Class indicator on ordinal: 7988

Modified Minors Charge on ordinals: 8059, 8068, 8069

Modified Weapon Charge on ordinals: 6587 & 7074

Modified Mini Law Description on ordinals: 5193 & 6203

Repealed ordinal: 4814

Added new law ordinals: 8070-8074

Mainframe file only:
Modified the 21-character section to remove the embedded space in the title section for TAX & VTL’s on ordinals 8015 - 8032, 8034-8056, 8059, 8064 – 8071

Modified the Fingerprintable Offense indicator on ordinal 8068

Modified the Subclass indicator on ordinal 7988

Archive of Changes: